Our Program

At OASIS, we combine outdoor exercise with community interaction and functional curriculum to maximize our students’ learning and engagement. Our staff and students are always on the move— developing real-world skills for today and the road ahead.

Two students using a computer


We develop individualized academics that line up with each student’s abilities, regardless of where they begin. Our activities are designed to develop skills and tie into goals so that both indoor and outdoor time supports learning objectives. Every day is a learning opportunity and we strive to bring fun and discovery to each one.

A student playing a guitar with a community member at the beach

Community Ties

We connect with the many teachers in our world to expose students to a variety of jobs and roles. We work with our community to give students jobs that reflect what they love. This is all part of our ongoing effort to prepare our students for adult fulfillment. It’s all about hands-on exploration and lots of practice for life.

A student stimming happily on a forest trail

Being Outdoors

It is critical to our philosophy that every day be packed with lots of action and physical engagement. Students can hike, swim, and exercise each day. Movement and exploration is part of the learning experience. Being able to meet sensory needs outside means that our students are equipped to focus and interact more successfully.

Two students sitting in a stationary helicopter

Exploring Interests

We are constantly developing unique curriculum and content. We want our students to love coming to school and to enjoy learning. It is our driving force creating each student’s day. Autistic interests are central to accessing motivation and attention. There is no such thing as an interest too narrow to lead to learning.

A student pushing a shopping cart

Life Skills

Students develop skills that lead to independence and work opportunities, whether they are shopping for their lunch or riding public transportation. Working on these skills daily not only prepares students for the future but also allows them to develop independence in the here and now.