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Individualized academics are an important part of our mission. We will develop a program that lines up with each student's abilities, regardless of where they begin. Our Lead Instructor brings both special education and a general education background to each program. Our activities are designed to develop skills and tie into goals so that both indoor and outdoor time supports learning objectives.

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Community Ties

At OASIS, we create tons of opportunity for our students to interact with our extended community. We connect with the many teachers in our world and develop curriculum to expose our students to a wide variety of jobs and roles. This is all part of our ongoing effort to prepare our students for adult fulfillment. And fostering this connection in our community allows others to get to know our students and share their passions. It's all about hands-on exploration and lots of practice for life.

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Being Outdoors

At OASIS, it is critical to our philosophy that every day be packed with lots of action and physical engagement. Students can hike, swim, and exercise each day. Movement and exploration is part of the learning experience.

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Exploring Interests

We do not shy away from developing unique curriculum and content. We draw from a variety of sources as well as building our own on a daily basis. We want to go deep into each student's interests and we care deeply about doing it. Student passions are central to daily learning. Every student has interests to draw upon for the foundation. We want our students to love coming to school and to enjoy learning. That is not a vague hope. It is a driving force in how we create each student's day. Once a student loves coming to school every day, all learning doors can open.

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Life Skills

Students develop the kind of life skills that lead to independence and work opportunities. Our goals may include riding public transportation, handling money, managing laundry, preparing food, shopping for groceries, and much more. Since each student is working with a 1:1 aide and venturing into the community every day, we will work with parents to discover what tasks they can take over to help support their own needs and support their family. Students will not only be developing skills for independence down the road, but greater ability to participate in their own family structure in the here and now.

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