Think outside
the walls.

At OASIS, we combine functional academics with plenty of fresh air and adventure. Our students are always on the move: hiking through forests, holding jobs, exploring the community, and more. We believe that the first step to learning is to love going to school.

A student smiling in a meadow

Explore the outdoors.

For our students, movement is critical for learning. We take learning outside, where the beaches and redwood groves of California are our classroom.

A student and an aide laughing on a boat

Learn with passion.

Our students have interests and passions. These are the seeds we grow. If a subject or place interests a student, that is where we go. This kind of learning never ends.

A student doing laundry

Prepare for the future.

It is never too soon to prepare students for adult life. We build a firm foundation for the future by addressing life skills with individualized curriculum.

Community Partnerships

Our community is our biggest partner in learning. Our students are interacting with the community every day, from visiting local organizations to holding jobs that reflect their passions.

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A student standing with a local police officer